Reducing Harm, Transforming Lifestyles.


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Feeling stuck? Getting into difficulty or trouble? Struggling to do well at school or find a job or career? Want to be better involved in the

changes of your neighbourhood?

We can help you develop the skills and networks you need to make sure you succeed.

Simply get in touch and see how we can support you..

Need help or worried about someone?

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Become a volunteer, or simply make a donation. We cannot deliver this work without your help. Your generosity brings us one step closer to ensuring that no young adult is left behind.

Get involved

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Collaborate with us to help young adults escape from a negative cycle of disadvantage and missed opportunities. Our partners do a lot more than just raise money.

Looking for a charitable partner?


Our Vision & Impact

Reducing harm through transforming the life trajectories
of young adult communities.

Our Purpose & Practice

We use leading edge interventions that equip and empower young adults with solutions that positively transform their lifestyle, environment, education and career.

Our Culture & Values

Our organisational culture promotes the values of Belonging, Generosity, Competence, Interdependence and Independence to create an environment that brings out the best in each other, our young adult clients and communities, and our organisational partners.

Why young adults trust
& choose us?

- Firstly, because we really do care!
- We begin with a young person's starting point of need even if they initially reject our support.

- We don't rely on young people walking through our doors to engage or reengage them.
- We empathise. Many or our team have come from challenging council estate backgrounds. 
- We make the time to actively listen and don't jump to judgement.
- We don't give up when young people quit or if they relapse.
- We don't push our clients onto programmes they are not ready, willing, or able to engage.
- We don't 'tick box' disappear as soon as a programme or funding ends.
We are in it with our young adult clients for the long haul from entry to exit.
- Our Trademark reputation is built upon what we term as building 'Relationships for Change'.
- The above is why our targeted young adult population trust and choose us.

To view what our young adult clients say about us, please go to our Young People Testimonials page and click 'read more'.

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