Reducing Harm, Transforming Lifestyles.


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Feeling stuck? Getting into difficulty or trouble? Struggling to do well at school or find a job or career? Want to be better involved in the

changes of your neighbourhood?

We can help you develop the skills and networks you need to make sure you succeed.

Simply get in touch and see how we can support you..

Need help or worried about someone?

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Become a volunteer, or simply make a donation. We cannot deliver this work without your help. Your generosity brings us one step closer to ensuring that no young adult is left behind.

Get involved

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Collaborate with us to help young adults escape from a negative cycle of disadvantage and missed opportunities. Our partners do a lot more than just raise money.

Looking for a charitable partner?

Why Choose Us?

Firstly, because we really care! and secondly because we have been there ourselves trying to make the transition between youth and adulthood, education to career, and feeling stuck. Learning what it really takes to challenge and change the mindsets and behaviours keeping us from being our best self is where our Intervention Coaches equip you.

With Streets of Growth, our approach doesn't depend upon referrals or the young people showing up through our doors to engage them. Neither do you 
have to worry about us momentarily stepping into your life with a funded programme and then disappearing as soon as it ends. We don't do 'quick fixes' that fail our young adult clients. We are in it with you for the long haul doing whatever it positively takes to achieve the change you want to see and be.

Outreach and Street intervention are part of our DNA package and culture at Streets of Growth and where we have been experimenting and specialising decades before it became a trend and contested funding component of youth and community development.

We are the real deal! 
We go to where disengaged and disenfranchised vulnerable young people hang or hide out and where they spend their time away from education and employment. Relentless outreach is backed up with strategically targeted Street Work intervention as we build understanding, trust, relationships, and intervening and supporting in 'real time'. Our stage-based Appropriate Intervention Bridging Model programming curriculum works from a young persons point of readiness and supports our young adults until they are equipped to self-maintain their transformations within and beyond the environments in which they live.
You can read more in What We Do. (currently undergoing revised development).

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