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Reducing Harm, Transforming Lifestyles.

London City


We are a dynamic ‘life changing’ charity who are relentless at engaging and reengaging young communities aged 15-25 to ensure every young adult has equal access to progressive social and economic opportunity and that no young person is left behind living in harm. 

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On Purpose

We deliberately find, accompany and equip young adults to reduce harm
and positively change their lives and their neighbourhoods, until independent of us.


Our Vision

A world where no young adult is left behind or living in harm and have equal access to socioeconomic opportunity and progressive mobility.


Values & Principles

We practice the values of Belonging, Generosity, Competence, Interdependence and Independence
to foster partnership, understanding, changeability, shared vision, and maintained action.

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What We Do

Our approach is called The Appropriate Intervention Bridging Model™. This is because we seamlessly interweave outreach and targeted intervention with stage-based programming in lifestyle, environment, education and career progression. A vital component of our system is how we support our young clients to address relapse. We are not a

‘one chance’ quick fix programme and we don’t wait for young adults to walk through our doors to engage or reengage them. We work with our clients over the longer term in what we call a ‘relationship for change’ building trust, safety, shared vision, joint action and sustained progression. 


People, Programmes, Progression

Our Stage-Based Programmes are created in response to the readiness, needs and interests of the young people and communities we work with. They are always evolving and expanding to transform the lifestyles and environments of our clients, and create progressive routes into education or employment. 


During the lifetime of our organisation, we have successfully run a diverse range of programmes including Fashion and Textiles, Music, Podcasting, Construction, Furniture Upcycling, Bicycle Recycling, Film and more. Our current programmes run at our two intervention and creative industry hubs, and in schools and community centres across Tower Hamlets.

Together We're Stronger

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“My intervention coach really listened. I now realise how past experiences were holding me back. Thank you for enabling me to see that I have choices, which was key for starting a new career.”
Jenny – Young Person

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