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Welcome to Streets of Growth, a frontline intervention charity that was born

out of the very streets and council estates we engage today in east London. 

Our name is our aim re-engaging stuck young adults aged 15-25 years and equipping them to transform their lives and their neighbourhoods.

Now in our remarkable 19th year, our uniqueness is in how our interventionists design and interweave ‘targeted’ project programming with relentless street outreach and intervention work to disrupt the cycle of gangs, criminality, violence and hopelessness, and ensure young adults socially and economically thrive out of harms way. 

A reputation where we were recently awarded the Change Leaders Community Safety Award, Finalists for the Third Sector Community Initiative Award, and Winners of the Youth Champion Award.

Streets of Growth is a registered Trademark. All rights reserved. 

What we specialise in

Our work doesn't rely on young people showing up at our offices.

We go where the most disadvantaged and vulnerable young people spend their time away from education and employment.

Relentless Outreach and Streetwork is what makes all the difference for us.

The latest

Find out what the Streets of Growth team and young people have been up to.

20th Year International Anniversary Trip

June 19, 2018

Three more neighbourhoods

May 11, 2018

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