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This industry sector will be one of the most challenging and exposing career roles you will ever venture into. We are an innovative fast-paced organisation where you will need a lot of creative stamina and mental and emotional resilience. Those who unwittingly assume it’s about "challenging and changing others" without being challenged and changing themselves, soon find they come up short and get caught out by the work. Certainly, for those working on the frontline you will need to ask yourself “what sacrifices am I prepared to make to meet the charity’s and young clients’ needs?” In other words, if you think you can squeeze your role into a rigid 9-5 / Mon-Fri framework, then we are not the organisation for you. 

Image by Alexis Brown

The hard reality is that our targeted client population live and lead complex, complicated and chaotic lifestyles 'out of sequence' of organisational timeframes and programme structures. In order to gain the trust of the young clients we target and attract you have to be prepared to design and implement creative, robust and adaptable working timetables that can deal with 'real time' intervention and it's surprises. If you still believe this is you then please get in touch.

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