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Appropriate Intervention Bridging Model

Our approach is called The Appropriate Intervention Bridging Model™. This is because we seamlessly interweave outreach and targeted intervention with stage-based programming in Lifestyle, Environment, Education and Career progression. A vital component of our system is how we support our young clients to address relapse throughout their transformative change journey with us. We are not a ‘one chance’ quick fix programme, and we don’t wait for young adults to walk through our doors to engage or reengage them. We work with our clients over the longer term in what we call a ‘relationship for change’ building trust, safety, shared vision, joint action and sustained progression. 

Streets of Growth Street Worker


Our Lifestyle outreach & street intervention programme is an essential component and thread that runs through everything we are and do at Streets of Growth and is relentlessly engaged from a young adult clients pre-entry through to their successful exit with us - including when they lapse and relapse. It is not a 'detached’ part of our work, it is central! We strategically target and go to the very point of our young adult clients' need and context, which can occur before, during and long after any engagement they may have in our building or our wider programming. 

This highly complex and often controversial Lifestyle change element of our programming is not easy, very time absorbing, extremely challenging but profoundly developmental. When first trying to build connection and trust with harder to engage young adults in the neighbourhoods, our frontline team often face resistance, reluctance, suspicion and hostility. This is the hard reality of this work and where Streets of Growth implement our Starting with NO! Framework in order to breakthrough and overcome the young persons 'no'. This is the gateway for initiating, engaging, maintaining  a young persons change process with us through to sustained exit.


The central focus of Streets of Growth’s environmental programming is safer streets and neighbourhoods to socialise, live and work. Building trust to engage their contexts is crucial. This includes improving the way young communities are included and actively involved in the community development and regeneration opportunities in their neighbourhoods and borough. Another example is young people being supported to run and take part in events in their communities that give them a voice and presence and that nurture community cohesion and awareness and safety.

Young people painting mural
Young people in classroom setting.


Our education programming comes in three key elements.


- Supporting young adults 15-16 years ‘at risk’ of being excluded, parents being fined by courts, and to stay in mainstream school education through bespoke coaching and mentoring to maintain and sustain completing their GCSE’s.

- Supporting young adults to make the transition from mainstream school education into higher education.

For example, adult classes/courses, college, university.

- Supporting post 16 young adults to reengage back into education, whereby we signpost and accompany them to appropriate education providers and ensuring they complete their course whilst remaining stable in their wider system of change with us including lifestyle in order to stick to and achieve their vision in life.

Additionally, we work in partnership with exam boards such as AQA and ASDAN. We deliver AQA and ASDAN accredited programmes as well as non-accredited. 


Streets Of Growth’s Career employability programme is a bespoke programme that is needs based being as the clientele we work with come from unique and complex backgrounds. Therefore our programme is developed and shaped around these complexities and readiness to ensure our young clients have a positive experience in their transformative change journey with us.


We are Not a recruiter that simply try's to find jobs for young people. We coach our young clients to be true about their current realities, set an ambition for their career future and then coach them to work with all the challenges and tensions that come with equipping and enabling them to be “employ-able” for their specific job or career choice and readiness. We don't simply refer a young person in this context, our interventionists and entrepreneurs accompany our young clients in their journey, enabling them to be open to further learning and more able to maintain and self sustain employment with confidence and resilience.


Our Employability Intervention Coaches (EIC’s) deliver services and programmes that support participants to build aspiration, motivation and self-confidence for strengthening key employability skills that are also transferable for work and their lived environment.

Young people taking part in a multimedia workshop.
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