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Meet the Team

Diane Peters

Chief Executive Officer

& Co-Founder

Darren Way

Founder & Lead for Applied Research & Consultancy

Lucky Nessa

Director of Stage-based Programmes

Koyes Ali

Frontline Director

Majeda Begum

Team Manager / Senior Intervention Coach

Sadek Ali

Operations &
Programme Manager

Shuma Begum

Employability Programme Manager

Nadia Ali

Mentoring Co-ordinator

Keiran McPherson

Administration & Data

Olivia Swain-Smith

Intervention Coach

Ruhela Begum

Fashion & Textiles Tutor

Florence T.C.

Fashion & Textiles Tutor

Mark King

Accounting & Finance

Sohail Raja

Data Strategy

Christina Lake


Salik Rohman

Brand & Content Communication

Working Woman

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