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Keeping Streets of Growth’s entire charity operating each year costs less than sending 4 young offenders to prison for one-year. For government agencies in England and Wales to respond to reports of anti-social behaviour costs you the taxpayer approx. £3.4 billion a year. Streets of Growth have a 7/8 out of 10 success rate transforming the lives of harder to engage stuck young communities. Compare that with 36% of young inmates who go on to re-offend once released from prison (the highest rate since records began in 2002).

The hard reality is that as a grass roots charity we cannot maintain our ground-breaking approach without your vital donation. For us, every penny matters just like every vulnerable young adult matters. Your donation supports us to equip 300+ under-served young adults annually to ensure they keep out of harm’s way and thrive in lifestyle, education, career, and are positive influencers in their communities. Thank you for your support!

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