Cognitive Neuroscience & Mind Management

Our work with mindset change has been recognised in a ground breaking book by Dr Gustav Kuhn at the Department of Psychology at Goldsmiths University.

Since the mid nineties before the birth of Streets of Growth our founder was exploring the links between the art of sleight of hand in magic and the deceptive behaviours in those caught up in street postcode gangs. Both rely upon how they can influence how one perceives the realities taking place right in front of them. For example, we watch a magician and we know it is a trick, and yet the impossible becomes believable. Then there are those caught up in gangs who often say they don't want to use behaviours that harm but still do. What is it going on in our brains and minds that influence how we perceive and deceive ourselves and others.

Something Streets of Growth have been exploring and experimenting with for over two decades on the frontline, and have road tested programmes in partnership with Gareth Forman, himself an hobbyist magician and practitioner in the fields of behavioural changes and perception. Gareth has worked in many a challenging environment including adult prisons., This untapped area of wok has been recognised in a ground breaking book by Dr Gustav Kuhn titled Experiencing the Impossible. Dr Kuhn is based at the Department of Psychology at Goldsmith's University, member of the Magic Circle, and President of the Science of Magic Association (SOMA).

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