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Corporate Social Responsibility Partnerships

Our organisational growth and achievements would not be possible without additional support and coaching from our strong corporate partnerships. These relationships are crucial to everything that we develop and deliver. We also understand CSR Partnerships as a two way win-win whereby we can learn a lot from the wider business community, and in the process they can benefit in their business through learning about and helping us in ours.. We are always looking to partner corporate partners to sustain the future of our work. Our current partners include:

Below are two examples and testimonials from previous CSR Partnerships







Maris Natrin - North Highland Consultant and CSR Lead Coordinator

“As a global company, North Highland Consultancy has set its cause as improving economic empowerment. Our strategy was to partner with a charity who are making a significant impact in London, who align with our goals and who we could support to achieve theirs.  After an extensive selection process, the London office chose Streets of Growth as our charity partner in 2016 and extended the partnership into 2017. The partnership between North Highland and Streets of Growth has been extremely positive and has strengthened North Highland’s belief that by utilising our expertise as a consultancy business we can make a real difference to a charity, ultimately enabling their incredible work to reach and impact more vulnerable young people. The partnership also showed the importance of finding a charity with similar values, as the extended two years working with Streets of Growth was built on the strength of the relationship and engagement.


Our aim for the partnership was to help Streets of Growth create transformative outcomes for young adults living in one of London’s most challenging boroughs. Due to Streets of Growth’s willingness and collaboration, we were able to deliver a broad spectrum of highly impactful “sprints” during the two years. The sprints were two-week long projects with a targeted outcome for the charity, delivered by a range of people from the North Highland office (consulting, delivery and supported by global services). These sprints focused on using North Highland’s expertise as a management consultancy to improve and change the way Streets of Growth operate, plan and set strategies.

In addition to the targeted sprints, the North Highland London office supported Streets of Growth through numerous fundraising activities, raising over £35,000 during the two-year period.


Activities ranged from full-day challenge events to charity auctions, where all profits were given to Streets of Growth. This funding was used to deliver the strategies and plans that were built together, including hiring a new full-time Youth Intervention Coach.


Streets of Growth’s ambition, determination and open manner were crucial to the success of the partnership. From the stages of initial selection through to workshops aimed at identifying improvement areas, Streets of Growth were always honest about areas for development and also willing to change. Led by their CEO Diane Peters and Founder Darren Way, the charity were consistently supportive, proactive and worked with their team to make the most of our partnership. Importantly for North Highland, they also helped our colleagues learn and develop through sharing expertise, sector-specific knowledge and regular feedback.

Sprint outputs:

  • Model for a young person’s journey through Streets of Growth

  • Messaging and branding input

  • 18-month roadmap for the charity including succession and strategy development

  • The Bridging Programme

    • Definition of Streets of Growth’s full programme of work

    • Consolidation of activities into one model

    • Visual representation and audio-visual guide to the model

  • Targeting Operating Model for the charity

  • Strategic planning cycle and trustee alignment

  • Funding review, performance reporting and articles of association updated


Other activities:

  • Re-structuring of Trustee Board and trustee board alignment

  • Funding Database

  • Website content and user experience redesign

  • 2 company challenge days created a range of outputs to support planning, new initiatives and youth intervention coaching

The above activities were aimed at stabilising and growing Streets of Growth as an organisation. During the two-year partnership we saw a transformation of the charity, due to the support given but mainly due to the willingness of all parts of the charity to develop themselves. It’s also important to note that North Highland benefited greatly from the partnership. Our people gained valuable consulting experience in a new sector, made a real impact to the wider community of London and were brought together as an office for the cause of Streets of Growth and economic empowerment.”









Kerstin Selander

Reynolds Porter Chamberlein Resourcing Manager and CSR Team Lead

“In 2012, legal services business RPC entered a 1-year corporate charity partnership with Streets of Growth, that was so developmental for both sides that we extended into 2-years. This connection was brought together and facilitated by East London Business Alliance (ELBA) who recognised the shared vision and potential for a mutually  beneficial relationship.


RPC is a modern, progressive, and commercially orientated city legal services business where success is built the level of service it offers clients, which is also reflected in RPC’s approach to charity partnerships.

Our breadth of contributions included:

  • One of our senior team members joining the Trustee Board

  • Legal advice for Business Enterprise

  • Networking with the Met Police

  • Funding Pitch coaching

  • Extensive new premises search and legal advice

  • Formalising Streets of Growth’s Consultancy

The level of relationship, motivation, enthusiasm and commitment on both sides were key in making this partnership such a rewarding success and we have no doubt Streets of Growth will go on to be field leaders in intervention work with young people.”

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    If you would like to find out more about how we could have a future together, please get in contact with us.


Strategic Partners

We are always open to engage honest, transparent, meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships with organisations looking to develop what we understand to be 'intentional partnerships' whether that is based upon joint strategies and projects or other forms of networking.
                                      Some of our current strategic partners include:

                                                     - Tower Hamlets Homes

- Tower Hamlets Local Authority

- East London Business Alliance (ELBA)
- Met Police

- Youth Justice Services

- Early Help Hub

- The Voluntary Sector Children & Youth Forum

- OMG Education
- Ocean Regeneration Trust
- The Chris Donovan Trust
- Canary Wharf Contractors
- Canary Wharf Group
- Youth Offending Team
- Social Services


Additionally, we partner a wide range of local leaders, entrepreneurs and social influencers, and have a wide reach of national and international alumni networks.