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Honest Deception

About the Course

Honest Deception is a unique leadership development workshop that uses close up magic to better understand deception, and how self-deception blocks us from experiencing our truest self and fullest potential. Did you know that the person we lie most to on a daily basis is ourselves! You will learn about the three indicators of when we lie, why we lie, and what it takes to stop it and free yourself, as well as learning close magic in the process.

In 1995 Darren Way was a pioneer in manipulating close-up magic for the use in adolescent gang intervention and prevention at street level to support young people in addressing behaviours keeping them stuck. This was achieved by equipping young people in the understanding of deception and self-deception, so they learn to grow up being more honest and less harmful to themselves and others. In 2012 he collaborated with magicians Gareth Foreman and Henri White running a course at Streets of Growth called Leadership Through Magic, which was a huge success in the life changing trajectories of all course participants. His approach has been studied and showcased in magazines and books including Magicseen and Experiencing the Impossible. More recently Darren collaborated with Gareth Foreman and Professor Richard Wiseman for an article written for The Psychologist Magazine titled Magic, Gangs and Prison.

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