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Outreach & 
Street Intervention Programme

Our Outreach and Street Intervention programme is an essential component that runs through everything we do at Streets of Growth, from a young clients pre-entry to exit with us. It is not a 'detached’ part of our work. It is central! We strategically target and go to the very point of our young adult clients' need and context, which can occur before, during and long after any engagement they may have in our building or our wider programming. 

This highly complex and often controversial element of our programming is not easy, very time absorbing, and extremely challenging. When first trying to build connection and trust with harder to engage young adults in the neighbourhoods, our frontline team often face resistance, reluctance, suspicion and hostility. This is the hard reality of this work and where Streets of Growth implement our Starting with NO! Framework in order to breakthrough and overcome the young persons 'no'.

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