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Our Story

The back story to the founding of Streets of Growth started in 1995. Although various organisations including youth club activities were offering developmental opportunities to young people on our council estates, a growing number were disengaging such provision and getting caught up in low level anti-social behaviour and more formalised street gang drug dealing, violence and associated criminality. Being both local residents and professionals in this work ourselves living in these neighbourhoods, we wanted to build a model that challenged and removed the unhealthy reliance upon Police, Prisons, and Youth Clubs being the answer to tackling disengaged young communities living harmful lifestyles.

In 2001, following intensive international research on a Sir Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship finding world class practitioners, who themselves were asking similar questions and building cutting edge approaches, we were inspired to build our own entrepreneurial intervention model here in the east end of London. Our core aim was to build a healthier bridge that interweaved organisation led interventions with community led interventions, with young adults at the centre of leading change in their lives, their streets and their futures. Today, our charity has grown to become a multi award winning approach we now call the Bridging Model ™.

Our journey has not been easy where we have all had to make life changing sacrifices and ask ourselves some very tough questions to shift our own thinking and habitual behaviours in order to stay at the top of our game in this work. But it is our relentless dedication and organisational and community culture, that we instil into every young adult we encounter to ensure they achieve their fullest ambition in this world.

Space and funding has been an ever-imposing threat to our existence and growth, and yet despite this we have gone from renting a disused shop with two chairs and £10 as additional funding, to taking on a semi derelict temporary use print factory that we converted into an 8000 sq ft intervention centre before it was recently torn down to make way for luxury apartment blocks. Today, Streets of Growth currently operate from an office block, that sits cheek-by-jowl next to the Canary Wharf financial district where again, we designed and converted it with no grant build funding and using 95% reclaimed, repurposed and upcycled materials. Our space, model and team offer our young clients bespoke interventions to transform their socioeconomic situation, so they are externally supported to live out of harm’s way as they learn to compete in the regeneration opportunities that previously passed them by.

To date we have directly worked with over 3000 young adults who have gone on to achieve remarkable successes in their lives and who still contribute to the safety and well being of their neighbourhoods acting as positive role models for the next generation of young communities. Young adults who have gone through our model make up 40% of our staffing team keeping our charity in the hands of the young people we serve to ensure we stay true to our vision, mission and purpose as we continue to strive and ensure that no young adult is ever left behind and in harm’s way. Thank you for taking the time to read our journey.


Our Vision

‘For no young adult to be left behind’

Our Mission

We use interventions that equip and empower young adults with solutions that positively transform their lifestyle, environment, education and career

Our Values

Our organisational culture promotes the values of Belonging, Generosity, Competence, Interdependence and Independence to create an environment that brings out the best in each other and our young clients

Our Team


Our Trustees


Our Patrons

The Countess Peel
Lord Mawson OBE
Jean Horstman

Young Leader (of the month)


Join our Team

At Streets of Growth we attract staff who really care about their own growth as well as that of the young adults they coach through change, in order to ensure our young clients get the best talent available in the industry.


Some of the key character traits we seek and who our young clients’ needs require, is someone who is an intuitive self-starter, highly driven, innovative, passionate, physically fit, has a positive attitude, emotionally intelligent, good communication skills, keen to learn, able to take constructive feedback for their personal

and professional development, well presented, and prepared to work long and often unsociable hours.


This area of work isn’t for the faint hearted so if you think this is you, then we would like to hear from you.

Open Opportunities

There are currently no vacancies, but we are open to receiving CVs and enquiries regarding positions in Streets of Growth.


Do you feel inspired by what we are innovating with young adults at Streets of Growth and have skills or experience that you feel could help us? There are a variety of different ways that you can help that don’t involve working on the frontline as an intervention worker. For example; you may have vast experience of writing Funding Applications and Donor networking skills and networks.

With a growing number of 15-25-year olds getting stuck and needing our help, we rely on enthusiastic volunteers to support our core team in the street work and programmes we offer.